Caring for Your Pets 

Keeping pets healthy and safe is part of responsible pet ownership.  It isn't always easy and at times, it can be quite expensive but it's important for our pets well-being. 

There are numerous resources to help pet owners but searching for the right information can be time consuming and daunting so we've done the work for you!  Just click on the link(s) under the topic of interest and you'll find an article or webinar that will provide you with some great information for some common concerns.

        Pet Health and Safety

Safety Tips for Summer

Summer is here and people are out with the pets in droves.   While it's great to take Fido and Fluffy with you, every year we hear the heartbreaking story of pets being left in hot cars!  If you can't take your pet inside with you, leave him/her at home.

Here's some quick tips for keeping your pet safe this summer:

  • NEVER, EVER leave your pet in a hot car - THEY CAN DIE!!

  • Keep the paws in mind - asphalt and concrete gets hot....if you won't walk barefoot on it, don't make your pets do it

  • Water and shade....makes sure your pet has plenty of fresh water and shady areas to rest

  • Haircuts. ...trim the coat of long haired pets to help keep them cooler 

  • This one's for the cats: keep your windows screened....protect your feline friend from falling off the window ledge

  • Stay safe at barbeques. ...pets don't know what food is bad for them so be mindful they don't eat something they shouldn't

  • Keep your pets away from fireworks...most dogs are terrified of fireworks; if you must partake, put your pet in the house

Learn more safety tips for your pet at:

Pet Poison Hotline


(fees apply)


Health Tips

Vaccinations: talk to your veterinarian to ensure your pet is healthy and up-to-date on his/her vaccines!




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